Music tastes change instantly. Your music research should too.

MusicDatak is here to help.

Get Unparalleled Insights into Online Music Trends and Radio Airplay.

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Music research where music tastes and trends are discovered and tested.


What tracks are you missing? What do you need to add and play more of?


MusiCoreCharts®, formerly known as call-out, is your next-generation tool that analyzes your top hits every week.


Your fully adjusted music library. Formally known as the auditorium test.

In-Depth - Welcome to the future of music research
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The Premier Algorithm-Powered Digital Research Platform.

Exclusively Designed for Radio Broadcasters by Radio Broadcasters.


Here’s what our users have to say about their experience with MusicDatak®.

5 / 5

MusicDatak has helped us freshen our playlist by finding songs to add that our target audience are actively listening to. It has also helped us reach our P2 listeners as well as potential new listeners in a way traditional music research is unable to. We are receiving great feedback from our listeners already.

Vaughan Hobbs - MEDIAWORKS Group Music & Research Director - The Sound - The Breeze - The Edge -New Zealand
5 / 5

With MusicDatak, Tendance Ouest has transformed its music programming since January 2022. The tools provided enable us to precisely target our audience, curate unique tracks through the StationRadar, and conduct comprehensive scans of our music library with the AdvancedCoreCatalog. This perfect blend of human expertise and data-driven insights empowers us to deliver an exceptional radio experience to our listeners.

Charles DOUCHY - TENDANCE OUEST - Radio Number One Normandy France - Program Coordinator - Music Programmer
5 / 5

I absolutely love MusicDatak! It's a true gateway to discovering new music, bringing together a plethora of sources for an unparalleled music exploration experience. This is hands down the best way to uncover your next hit!

Jérôme Delaveau - Hit West & Oceane FM General Manager - France West Region
5 / 5

MusicDatak allows us to reach a digital audience. We played very early Begging by Maneskin with MusicDatak recommendations. It became a huge worldwide hit weeks after. With MusicDatak, we can create a cluster of positive differentiation.

Bruno Witek - Music Consultant - Mistral FM - Toulon - France

Involve your listeners and they will listen.

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Explore the Powerhouse Features of MusicDatak


What is MusicDatak?

Musicdatak is the first digital music research tool developed explicitly for radio broadcasters powered by algorithms.
MUSICDATAK® provides you with information and data analysis. Each week MUSICDATAK® processes the hits of each segment of your playlist.

What is the MusiCoreChart®?

MusiCoreChart® is your next generation call-out that analyzes your top 50 hits every week.

MusiCoreChart® is a fine ear on each hit: satisfaction score on your P1s and P2s, gender, mood, energy, bpm, music key, artist keywords, danceability, years, number of listens.

What is the StationRadar®?

StationRadar® is your recommendation engine that reveals your audience's hits before anyone else.

StationRadar® gives you audience satisfaction tracking on new releases.

What is the AdvancedCoreCatalog®?

AdvancedCoreCatalog® is your next-generation Auditorium.

AdvancedCoreCatalog® tests your library by delivering the data that makes your music programming software more intelligent.

AdvancedCoreCatalog® covers the macro and micro fields of your library.

How do you get the Data From Our Target?

We take your Station Fingerprint for your target (age, cities, preferred music format, preferred music genres, gender).

We connect to Spotify's API, Shazam's API and other relevant platforms.

We extract data directly from the APIs.

We verify and validate all data.

We enrich your database.

What Types of Music Formats Does MusicDatak Support?

MusicDatak is designed to be incredibly versatile and accommodates a wide variety of music formats. Our platform is built with the radio industry’s diverse needs in mind, and we cater to stations that play all sorts of music genres and formats. Here are some of the music formats we support: CHR Top 40
Adult Contemporary (AC), Hot AC, Urban AC, Urban CHR, Classic Hits, Classic Rock, Soft AC, Jazz, Classical, Dance and more.

Unlocking Insights Across All Music Formats.

MusicDatak Does It All!

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