TikTok is killing it

The most recent data shows that not only is the music industry doing well, but the way people discover music has changed dramatically over the past couple of years. The biggest takeaway is that TikTok has become a more powerful discovery tool than Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube combined! So how exactly did this happen? Let’s dive in...

App Growth

music, and in these cases, mobile is key. Through sound, image and video combinations, social media platforms like TikTok allows users to create mini-music videos called loops that can be combined with clips from popular songs by specific artists or any song at all.  These loops can then be shared directly on Instagram Stories or other social networks or directly within TikTok's own social network environment. In less than 6 years since its 2015 launch, TikTok officially has over 1 billion monthly active users.

TikTok Is All Music, All the Time

TikTok users are three times more likely to be music lovers than Spotify listeners. This could be attributed to TikTok’s channel creation tools, which allow musicians to share songs directly with fans.  As a result, these apps serve as powerful discovery platforms for both artists and their fans.  To reach young consumers while they're on-the-go, brands should think about how they can leverage TikTok's remixing feature when sharing videos on other social channels. 

TikTok Uses Interaction Metrics

While Spotify and SoundCloud use play counts to measure how often listeners are listening to their music, TikTok users actually interact with songs by tapping or swiping on them.  This interaction reveals that people aren’t just listening to music—they’re interacting with it, finding new artists and sparking passionate conversations about what they like.  With all of these social interactions in play, TikTok is now a powerhouse for all things related to music discovery.  

Content Discovery Fuels Engagement and Growth

Research shows content discovery on TikTok was greater than any other platform. It’s no surprise that people are engaging with so much music and video on TikTok, especially since new artists and songs are being discovered every day.  TikTok grew in popularity because of how easy and fun it is to discover new videos from your favorite artists. In fact, 50% of all users discover music on TikTok through Search—that’s more than YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud or any other platform. With more songs added to Tiktok each day, we can see how data will only show engagement increasing as time goes on. 

Tik Tok Originals Are on Par With Major Label Releases

Tik Tok’s music recommendations are on par with Spotify. This data suggests that Tik Tok’s platform could be as powerful a discovery engine for music as Spotify. By 2022, Tik Tok will release over 40 exclusive albums and 15 artist exclusives. Artists who have not yet established themselves will have their work featured on Tik Tok first, building a new audience from scratch. 

Major Labels Aren’t Scared Yet

As streaming revenues have grown, a few artists have had huge success on platforms like TikTok—but don’t count out traditional music companies just yet. Major labels still control vast archives of music—music that a lot of people don’t know about. Which means they have plenty of room to continue releasing new albums.  No doubt there will be artists who use TikTok to promote new releases, but major label revenue will likely continue climbing regardless of how big TikTok becomes as a music platform. In fact, several major labels are working on their own version of live-streaming apps for emerging artists.

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