Formally known as call-out.

MusiCoreChart® is your next-generation call-out that analyzes your top hits every week.

Your Audience

MusiCoreChart® is a fine ear on each hit: satisfaction score on your P1s and P2s.

Your Music Programming

Acquire data that makes your music scheduling software smarter: gender, mood, energy, bpm, music key, artist keywords, danceability, years, and number of listens.

Full listener satisfaction

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Formally known as the auditorium test.

AdvancedCatalog® is your next-generation Auditorium.

Your creativity enhanced

AdvancedCatalog® tests your library by delivering the data that makes your music programming software more intelligent.

Your data

AdvancedCatalog® covers the macro and micro fields of your library.

Entire library
Full listener satisfaction

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What tracks are you missing?

StationRadar® is your recommendation engine that reveals your audience's hits before anyone else.

What do you need to add and play more of?

StationRadar® gives you audience satisfaction by tracking new releases and music interactions.

Your choices

Acquire data that makes your music choices wider.

Your own unique recommendations engine
Never miss a hit

Ready to get started

Add a little bit of body text-2.jpg

Track Trends.

Accurate results
Your music compass

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