Audio & Music Branding in the Era of Touchpoints

Audio & music branding isn't just about sonic logos and memorable brand voices anymore; it's about sound, both as an experience unto itself and part of the more extensive customer experience. 

Audio & music touchpoints are multiplying in the digital age. 

You have to think about the impact of your Audio & music on the experiences your customers have at all of your website and venue touchpoints and how to use Audio & music to create compelling customer experiences across mobile touchpoints like smartphones and tablets and as part of new devices like smartwatches and augmented reality glasses. The Current State of Brand Sound Why Audio & music branding is necessary, but how it still falls short: Audio & music and sound are potent touchpoints that can generate both recall and salience among consumers. Sound (and sonic logos) has been shown to create a more emotional connection than even visuals.  But, right now, brands are only just getting started with Audio & music. It's yet another medium to explore, one that many companies aren't taking advantage of just yet.  There's a lot we can do better when leveraging Audio & music for brand communication. For example, Engagement —What does engagement look like in Audio & music? What metrics should we be tracking? Production & Distribution —Just because something is created doesn't mean anyone will hear it.

Why Does This Matter?

Audio & music branding is still an underutilized tool in many companies' marketing arsenals. In fact, according to Forrester, only 26% of marketers are actively using sonic brand signatures (logos), and even fewer (16%) are using custom Audio & music touchpoints.  More than 60% have no plans to incorporate them at all. There's a massive opportunity for those who invest in Audio & music branding—to stand out from their competitors and improve recall around their brands.  And it may be essential for small businesses to build their brands via sound—because if you can associate sound with your brand, you can create moments of elevated engagement and interaction with customers when they hear it again.

The Future Is Multi-Channel

Companies who think about Audio & music as just a voice-activated channel won't survive. Today, we are witnessing an explosion of touchpoints where people consume and interact with brands.  As an example, drivers continue to use their smartphones for directions even though they can also rely on turn-by-turn navigation systems from car manufacturers and auto GPS devices (those gadgets attached to your dashboard).  With that in mind, you need to ask yourself—will your brand be proactive or reactive to voice technology? Will you create ways for people to interact with the brand that gives them what they want, or will you make them adapt to how you've chosen to interact with them?

Who Will Win?

Voice, audio & music touchpoints are more than just another media type. They are an ambient conversation between a brand and its consumers and should be considered part of a cohesive marketing strategy.  We move towards a point where voice-activated AI drives all marketing activity. It will become increasingly crucial for brands to establish their presence as a recognizable, trusted entity that is consistently available at all times. 

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