Using traditional music research and chart monitoring is “backcasting”. Using MUSICDATAK is “forecasting”.

Create playlists that captivate your audiences' attention now.

Our clients

Armed with specific knowledge about which songs are now most loved, shared & added to playlists, broadcasters can plan out better music programming and scheduling strategies.

They also have an edge over competitors who don’t have access to such data.

Our happy clients.

Vaughan Hobbs
MEDIAWORKS NZ Group Music & Research Director 

MusicDatak has helped us freshen our playlist by finding songs to add that our target audience are actively listening to. It has also helped us reach our P2 listeners as well as potential new listeners in a way traditional music research is unable to. We are receiving great feedback from our listeners already

Jérôme Delaveau 
Radio Star General Manager  

A real opening on the outside by sweeping all the sources of musical discoveries. The personalization is total. You can segment by age group, favorite music genres, favorite radio stations, etc.

Christophe Mercier
Director of Oxygène and Vosges FM 

We are ultra local, and with MUSICDATAK we scan the ultra local digital market. Our music is now more targeted to our regions.

Musicdatak has a data-based approach that allows radio stations to enhance their playlists for a more vibrant listening experience that gets listeners to stay longer. 

Musicdatak offers radio stations better insight into their listeners by capturing a more detailed level of information about their actual preferences on music streaming platforms and social media. 

Meet our team.

Samuel Zniber

Program director (Fun Radio, RTL2. RFM, Virgin Radio in France, The Beat 92.5 Montreal, Mix 106.5 Sydney, Magic 102.7 Miami, Galaxy 102 in Manchester) this radio maker has been developing the MUSICDATAK algorithm since 2019.

Marino Hernandez
Director of Operations.

Marino Hernandez is the musical director and founder of Latin radio CHR Sonido 104 in the Dominican Republic. Based in France with a master's degree in Digital Business Analytics from Léonard de Vinci School of Management. Marino is currently developing MUSICDATAK.

Maxime Franchot

Maxime Franchot is a Full Stack Developer by day and a Tech Entrepreneur by night. He co-founded two previous projects in music technology and social media before joining the mission of MusicDatak. Bringing a great vision for the elixir of music and technology and a cross-cultural upbringing, he is now focalized on enriching the landscape of data in listener habits, musical composition, and radio programming

As part of our radio playlist decision optimization process, our AI provide recommendations based on your current strategy.

You will be enhancing your current programming decisions making your programming more effective.


MusicDatak integrates a station’s 40 most-played songs each week. The system automatically assigns a “MusicDatak Satisfaction Score” to each, and makes weekly song recommendations for playlists.


MusicDatak automatically calculates many relevant data sources from music platforms, radio stations and music rankings on social networks. 


MusicDatak is an automated process that detects hits, verifies information, organizes and prioritizes hits based on the level of satisfaction or fatigue of a specific audience at a specific location. MusicDatak targets radio stations, retail brands and music curators.

It’s often too easy to make assumptions about what will keep listeners tuning in. But true success comes from understanding your audience’s desires on a deeper level.

The radio business has changed so much over the past several years with digital radio, streaming services like Pandora and Spotify, as well as online options such as iHeartMedia and TuneIn Radio.

Understanding how often certain songs are played relative to others in the market is crucial in constructing playlists that appeal to your target audience.