Research in music where trends and tastes are discovered and verified. Unleash the full potential of your music with MusicDatak.

Opt for our flexible monthly plan or save significantly with our annual subscription.




€399/Month + sales tax
€3999Year + sales tax
  • Dive into next-gen call-out: Your hits, our tests, their feedback.
  • Tuning into audience rhythms with MusiCoreCharts®: Your playlist mirrors their preferences.
  • MusiCoreChart®: Tracks and satisfaction scores harmonized.
  • Listen, tweak, and amplify. MusiCoreCharts® - Unleashing your hits' potential."
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MusiCoreCharts® + STATIONRADAR®

€749/Month + sales tax
€7499Year + sales tax
  • StationRadar Pro Plan®: A blend of MusiCoreCharts® and StationRadar® for an immersive music experience.
  • Power of new music with StationRadar Pro Plan®: Transform listeners' joy into your weekly playlist.
  • Unlock listener love with StationRadar®: Craft playlists that resonate deep within.
  • StationRadar®: Weekly song recommendations for an ever-fresh playlist.
  • Pro Plan glimpse into the future: Predict, captivate, connect.
  • StationRadar Pro Plan®: Stay ahead of evolving music trends and validate your instincts."
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MusiCoreCharts® + STATIONRADAR® + AdvancedCoreCatalog®

€1199/Month + sales tax
€9999Year + sales tax
  • AdvancedCoreCatalog®: Your full library, tested with your audience, three times a year.
  • Harness your library's potential with AdvancedCoreCatalog®: Discover the tracks that resonate.
  • StationRadar®: Uncover unplayed music your audience loves, validating your instincts.
  • Weekly MusiCoreCharts® insights: Fine-tune your top hits based on audience feedback.
  • Empowerment through data: Create a dynamic, engaging playlist your listeners love.
  • Radio revolution with Full Bundle AdvancedCatalog®: Become a hit-maker, delighting listeners."
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Here’s what our users have to say about their experience with MusicDatak®.

5 / 5

MusicDatak has helped us freshen our playlist by finding songs to add that our target audience are actively listening to. It has also helped us reach our P2 listeners as well as potential new listeners in a way traditional music research is unable to. We are receiving great feedback from our listeners already.

Vaughan Hobbs - MEDIAWORKS Group Music & Research Director - The Sound - The Breeze - The Edge -New Zealand
5 / 5

MUSICDATAK allows us to reach a digital audience. We played very early Begging by Maneskin with MUSICDATAK recommendations. It became a huge worldwide hit weeks after. With MUSICDATAK, we can create a cluster of positive differentiation.

Bruno Witek - Consultant Mistral FM & Radio Star - Toulon - France
5 / 5

A real opening on the outside by sweeping all the sources of musical discoveries. The personalization is total. You can segment by age group, favorite music genres, favorite radio stations, etc.

Jérôme Delaveau - Hit West & Oceane FM General Manager - France West Region
5 / 5

We are ultra-local, and with MUSICDATAK we scan the ultra-local digital market. Our music is now more targeted to our regions. We just reached our highest rating survey ever.

Christophe Mercier - Director of Oxygène and Vosges FM - Melun - France
5 / 5

We use MUSICDATAK to create and update our Instore Playlists.
It’s a great add value, to help us to find the right choice of music strategy.


Music tastes change instantly.

Your music research should too. MusicDatak is here to help.

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Music tastes change instantly.

Innovate like our successful users.

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