Researching the Data Behind Your Music Radio Strategy.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you’re in charge of music programming at your local radio station or digital service, or perhaps you work on the data analytics team at your company’s broadcast arm. Whichever it may be, one thing’s clear: you care about what you do and how you do it.

Streaming vs. Radio: How Older Generations Respond to New Technology.

Which Is Best for Discovering Music? While streaming music has been a popular method of discovering new music over recent years, many prefer listening to the radio as it allows them easy access and a greater variety of songs.

This is How TikTok, the hit music maker, chooses which songs go most viral

When TikTok, the hit music maker, starts to go viral, that means that its users are making, sharing and enjoying tons of new videos every single day. So how do they decide which ones go most viral? Here’s an inside look at how TikTok decides which songs go most viral. They begin by looking at the characteristics of the song itself.

What are the KPIs for measuring success of a music hit?

A huge music hit may bring millions of views, likes, downloads, etc. but these numbers are not enough to measure the success of a hit song. There are several different types of KPIs (key performance indicators) that can be used to measure how successful a song is.

TikTok (and Fleetwood Mac) Change the Face of Music Marketing

There’s no question that music in the digital age has changed in immeasurable ways. Things that were unthinkable even ten years ago are now commonplace, and they’re revolutionizing the way we listen to and experience music in ways we could never have predicted.

Beggin — Behind the Song

A song with simple lyrics has still managed to make its way on the top charts on many music apps, including #1 on Måneskin’s Top 10 Charts on Spotify! But what does this song Beggin mean, and how did it become so popular?

How Music Data Analytics Can Help Your Industry?

Data analytics—or, in simpler terms, the application of data analysis to predict the future—is rapidly becoming an essential tool in industries across the board, and the entertainment industry is no exception.  

Quels sont les indicateurs clés de performance pour mesurer le succès d'un hit ?

Un énorme hit peut faire des millions de vues, de likes, de téléchargements, etc., mais ces chiffres ne suffisent pas à mesurer le succès du hit. Il existe plusieurs types d'indicateurs clés de performance ou KPIs (key performance indicators) qui peuvent être utilisés pour mesurer le succès d’un hit.

MUSICDATAK c'est quoi?
Je veux monter dans les sondages.

MusicDatak calcule automatiquement de nombreuses sources de données pertinentes à partir de plates-formes musicales, de radios et de classements musicaux sur les réseaux sociaux. Avec MusicDatak, les stations de radio prennent des décisions mieux informées sur leurs catégories musicales dans GSelector et Music Master. MusicDatak intègre leurs 40 chansons les plus jouées chaque semaine, puis attribue automatiquement un score de satisfaction MusicDatak à chacune. MusicDatak recommande également des chansons pour l'entrée de playlist chaque semaine.


ZniberMedia, startup dédiée à la création d'outils de programmation puissants pour le secteur du divertissement, a présenté MusicDatak, un outil de recherche musicale basé sur des algorithmes pour les marques et les stations de radio. MusicDatak se présente comme "un processus automatisé qui détecte les hits, vérifie les informations, organise et hiérarchise les hits en fonction du degré de satisfaction ou de fatigue d'un public spécifique à un endroit précis". MusicDatak cible les stations de radio, les marques retail et les curateurs musicaux.

Zn1berMed1a Launches MusicDatak.

MusicDatak integrates a station’s 40 most-played songs each week. The system automatically assigns a “MusicDatak Satisfaction Score” to each, and makes weekly song recommendations for playlists.

¿Cuáles son los KPI para medir el éxito de un éxito musical?

Un gran éxito musical puede tener millones de visitas, likes, descargas, etc., pero estas cifras no son suficientes para medir el éxito de la canción. Hay varios tipos de KPIs (métricas clave de rendimiento) que pueden utilizarse para medir que tan exitosa es una canción.


Armed with specific knowledge about which songs are now most loved, shared & added to playlists, broadcasters can plan out better music programming and scheduling strategies. They also have an edge over competitors who don’t have access to such information.

The Beat jumps ahead in Montreal radio ratings

Why the ratings spike? It’s probably no coincidence that it happened just after The Beat hired Sam Zniber as program director in August. But Zniber, whose résumé included jobs in the U.S., Europe and Australia but little experience in Montreal, spread the credit around to his team.

 Sam Zniber déclare «Nous sommes ravis d'accueillir Bruno sur l'antenne de Virgin Radio. Son humour, sa créativité et son état d'esprit ...
Sam Zniber attend the annual press conference of Virgin TV channel and Virgin radio held at the Mini Palais in Paris
Is the US radio market ready to party with the Electronic/Dance format?

‘Don’t Stop The Party’ is the Black Eyed Peas’ new motto. But the party hasn’t even started in American radio! Dance and electronic music are the natural soundtracks to parties and have been programmed on European radio for the past two decades. These once underground music genres reached mainstream attention 10 or 15 years ago thanks to the likes of The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, or even Moby.

This initiative from Converse is very cool and it’s such a great way for a brand to show some empathy and humanity while getting PR.
BBC launches a high-quality audio stream

The tickets are limited, so you should hurry to get yours in time. And please, have on hand all the necessary documents for the reservation in order to make the process easier.

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