MusicDatak's scoring process is characterized by 3 distinct operations-3.gif

1. Your Target is Generated

Each platform has its own state-of-the-art algorithm built for music recommendations and targeted advertising – the backbone of their business and the reason for their success.

MusicDatak automatically generates a specific equation per radio station according to its demographics, location, gender, and strategy.

This unique and proprietary formula aggregates data from platforms and social networks by balancing age range, gender, music type, and location.

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2. Your Hits are Validated

Your station's complete active library is used to generate a unique fingerprint composed of your granular music texture and your station's mood, emotions, and music genres.

The tracks with the most activity from your target are validated using your StationFingerprint®.

Since music programming is constantly evolving, the team enhances its database with radio expertise and emotional intelligence.

3. Your Hits are Scored

Each platform collects data on all user activity (while maintaining privacy protection). Highly streamed and shared tracks are assigned higher scores and top placements in rankings, playlists, and recommendations.

MusicDatak's unique formula for your station normalizes rankings from each platform to score your hits according to what your audience is currently into.

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Track Trends.

Accurate results
Never miss the Hits
Full listener satisfaction

Here’s what our users have to say about their experience with MusicDatak®.

5 / 5

MusicDatak has helped us freshen our playlist by finding songs to add that our target audience are actively listening to. It has also helped us reach our P2 listeners as well as potential new listeners in a way traditional music research is unable to. We are receiving great feedback from our listeners already.

Vaughan Hobbs - MEDIAWORKS Group Music & Research Director
5 / 5

A real opening on the outside by sweeping all the sources of musical discoveries. The personalization is total. You can segment by age group, favorite music genres, favorite radio stations, etc.

Jérôme Delaveau - Radio Star General Manager
5 / 5

We use MUSICDATAK to create and update our Instore Playlists.
It’s a great add value, to help us to find the right choice of music strategy.

5 / 5

MUSICDATAK allows us to reach a digital audience. We played very early Begging by Maneskin with MUSICDATAK recommendations. It became a huge worldwide hit weeks after. With MUSICDATAK, we can create a cluster of positive differentiation.

Bruno Witek - Consultant Mistral FM & Radio Star
5 / 5

We are ultra-local, and with MUSICDATAK we scan the ultra-local digital market. Our music is now more targeted to our regions. We just reached our highest rating survey ever.

Christophe Mercier - Director of Oxygène and Vosges FM

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